yes thats right – I finally got moved to my new place, and am loving it!!!!

Been here for a couple of weeks now- things have been coming together real fast- getting furniture– wow- a real nice twin size bed—-WITH – drawers underneath! so I don’t have to worry about a dresser now.

co-workers and friends have come together to help me- got a couch from one lady and some extra food— end tables and coffee table from another lady from work (ex),  and a real comfortable recliner from one other friend….each time- some-one brings something by—just makes me want to cry…..they have been pulling for me to get this place so now we just have to have a house warming party——with lots of great food and friendship…..

so nice to be able to cook my food the way I want to- with season all or salt and pepper… can have white bread- Miracle whip salad dressing- and eat as much of the cheese as I want…..  : )

Its a very secure apartment building- with alot of nice people in here- It has a wheel chair ramp in the back- which is real handy for me. and it’s located just a few blocks from main street – and all my other haunts.

block away from the post office- block away from Independant living—-and 2 blocks away from my favorite coffee house- went there yesterday, and they were real happy to see me-

The weather has been just great for me this week— about 4 days of sunshine and warmth…but it’s the end of October- so chilly winds are right around the corner- will have to find some crafts to do inside and keep me busy from the cold.

well thats about it for now- just been busy putting my new place together- crocheting some bags for out craft bazarre and learning how to cook for “one” !!! LOL


October is here !!!!


     Been awhile since I posted, just haven’t been there for it.

      Well my Dr.’s appointment fell thru, got a letter from them and they let me go—-so I’m off to look for another one.need Med re-fills too.

      I have been doing a lot of crocheting lately, making Bags for Supervisor/friend Bev.-for her memorial this coming Feb.have made 4 so far, and she has a lot more planned for me.

      Found out today-that they  (Wildhorse Casino) is having their Arts and Craft  bizarre on Dec. 3rd, so will be busy crocheting more bags for that also…am kind of excited about it, never did anything like this-so it will be a learning experience for me, but I know there are lots of friends to ask for help if I need it.

     Still waiting on word about my un-employment–they denied-I appealed and now nothing….

     Went to see Dr. Henderson for my disability, not sure how long that will take. he knows I do have some problems….

     The weather has changed, getting alot colder, gonna have to dig out the socks, sweaters and coats now. think I will have to close my window completely, and change my coffee at the Casino to a “hot” one.

     Security apartments is still being a pill, have had me sign one paper “3” times now—-WTH? the apartment is still open for me, OH, and they wanted a paper filled out by Wildhorse stating that I wasn’t employed there anymore….DUH—-going for un-employment, and disability ,no pay checks, tips, or money of any kind coming in….

     Went and got my commodities the last of Sept. have them stored at Karen’s, till I get my place, am certified for October, November and December also. so won’t be hungry at all.

     My niece-Loni sent me a  beaded bag for my naming, gosh it’s just beautiful… thoughtful of her, sure is good to have family.

    then my lil sis (Judy) and her hubby(Lowell) gave me a real nice camera—-wow! so I’m turning into a photographer, still need to learn when its to dark to take pictures….

     I am now going back to the J. Hall for meeting, am enjoying that so much, and have started studying with Jill B. in the “what does the Bible teach” book, we have studied Chapter 9, but will go back to ch. 8 to review.

     My stitching is a mess have a few RR’s that I need to get straighten out, joined another stitch site-have joined the “Rose Sampler SAL & a Holiday exchange…..have let them know that I don’t do santa’s or crosses but like “snowmen and snow-flakes, and “cardinals”.

My lil sis went and bought me a “The best of Margaret Sherri ” book, man am I going to have fun with that.

     OH, but I did get one snowman Ornament done , for Vanessa’s boys,still have to work on the other one- its a mess also…

     guess I should close, have caught up on all the latest news.

     Tomorrow is Voc Rehab for me, hope that has some help in there for me too.—–

List five things you love about your culture.


1). my new name- NUK-NOO-LA-NUM-MY  : means- Caregiver,looking after others-need that name to go to the other side-or your lost! no-one will know who you are.

2).The close knit family- you help one another, and if some one is hungry- even if its your worse enemy…you feed them, let them rest, then you can send them on their way-JUST take care of them..

3). THE CRAFTS- i have learned so much the last 30 years- beading weaving-making  baby boards- making moccisins-cooking,oh gosh the amounts … the culture-of roots …..taking care of the food.

4). FAMILY—make sure to introduce yourself-if some where new, yu never know who might be out there and know your family or be part of it.

5). Elders –are always right, you may not like it, but listen to them, and their stories—you will care it on forever in your heart, listen to the stories they have to tell, so you can pass it on to your kids.

Have Repect for all- even your ememy…..listen when they talk .-it may be the last time you are together- its good to reflect on the good things in life.

I have been divorced from my husband for over 20 years, people ask- why do you get along—I tell them we have a common bond-“OUR KIDS” and even tho we are not together-they need both parents…..its hard sometime, but worth it in the long run ,when your kids grow up and know if they have a problem-they can go to either parent.

Round-Up is here……

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Yes today starts the first day of the Pendleton Round-Up- 101st year,

they have already had a couple of parades, and the last two nights were PBR …

     Our town Population always doubles if not triples for this crazy week- the traffic is terrible- I know alot of people that get their shopping done and just stay home,

      Am going down to the round-up park today- for they will be having a weaving class…I missed yesterday, and so want to go to it- even tho I already know how to weave…its something that I enjoy, and will be meeting new people.

     last post—was going to the Dr’s…. well he decided he didn’t want me as a patient anymore, so now have to look for a new Dr.

     Things are moving slow in the SSDisability- now I have to go see one of their Dr.’s for a evalution—-thats OK…knew that was coming up..

started my appeal on my un-employment- that is such a pain…knew it was going to be trouble. but everyone keep telling me—“but you have worked all these years and have earned it”! now I have a headache because of it…..

not much done in the stitching section this week, I am puttting the final backstitching on my snowman ornament-thats taken forever, and have finished my Needlebook 4-exchange,just need to sew up.

still have to go shopping for floss for my RR-Noah’s Ark-then can work on that-

Guess my health is OK—have my re-fills – the weather has been high 90’s to 102 !!! drinkin lots of water.

well gots to close now, need to get dressed and ready for the bus here shortly.

gonna go join the frenzy down town for a short while- every one be safe…..

Rhonda P.


NEW Dr.’s visit today

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      My regular DR. had to move away- so got passed on to another one in the same building—- first visit today…taken me forever just to get in to see him…has a real over load of cases now,

I feel kinda nervous about this- and have alot of legal paper work I’m trying to get done…like- Disability parking permit, faxed that to him last week, so hope to finsh that. and then see about blood work—haven’t had any in about 4 months….

finally got my cumadin under control- and its at a good level now.

then I am going to Voc. Rehab to see about a scooter so I can get around a little easier- like with shopping- and it might help in me getting “new” part time work.

Been real hard being out of work- no more money coming in , Thank God its just me I have to look after. Have been getting Commities (food), so that helps,and my ex-sis-in-law let me stay with her till we get things going with paper work on a apartment-un-employment-which got denied and going to appeal, and just sent in the last of my paper work for Disability…should know about that here soon.

I’ve gotten some stronger since getting out of the hospital- but still need help  in taking care of some of my personal needs also.

I have my craft -Cross-stitch to help me, and I do weaving, love to listen to audio books on CD….going to coffe shops has been a fav of mine, but the one aI use to go to —well it has stairs–don’t do those anymore. so have had to haunt other places now… : )

     have a new place coming up- have all the paper work done, and am ready to move in…but they need to get “one” more ok from another part of mangement….would like to move in “yesterday”…. its a security apartment building , which makes me feel good- then not just anyone can walk in off the street. been newly painted- lots of white walls, have a small badroom- a kitchen w/ regular stove,refridgerator,dish-waher- and just found out will have a garbage diposal also ! gosh feel rel spoiled right now- if I could get moved in…..

On my stitching- finally made some progress on the snowman ornament-the left eye was giving me trouble, a RR theme-Noahs Ark, and for my own personal- a stain glass window w/ roses.

so have plenty to keep me busy…… will close for now- have to go get ready for Dr. appointment. every one have a good week.

oh yes- we have the “Pendleton Round-up” this next week- our population doubles.things get crazy, and we already have people showing up….don’t start till wensday of next week, time just went by to fast…..

later- Rhonda P.


The last of the long week-end


     Well- I made it thru the week-end with not much happin, watched a little TV yesterday (John Wayne) and then late last night watche d”Grand Tarino” w/Clint Eastwood- had seen pre-views, but had not seen the whole movie—was very saddened when he got shot.

     still tryin to figure out how to down load pics, have alot of finished items,and would like to show them off. ok….this is just to get me started… have to sign off now…but will be back !


Hello world!

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