My regular DR. had to move away- so got passed on to another one in the same building—- first visit today…taken me forever just to get in to see him…has a real over load of cases now,

I feel kinda nervous about this- and have alot of legal paper work I’m trying to get done…like- Disability parking permit, faxed that to him last week, so hope to finsh that. and then see about blood work—haven’t had any in about 4 months….

finally got my cumadin under control- and its at a good level now.

then I am going to Voc. Rehab to see about a scooter so I can get around a little easier- like with shopping- and it might help in me getting “new” part time work.

Been real hard being out of work- no more money coming in , Thank God its just me I have to look after. Have been getting Commities (food), so that helps,and my ex-sis-in-law let me stay with her till we get things going with paper work on a apartment-un-employment-which got denied and going to appeal, and just sent in the last of my paper work for Disability…should know about that here soon.

I’ve gotten some stronger since getting out of the hospital- but still need help  in taking care of some of my personal needs also.

I have my craft -Cross-stitch to help me, and I do weaving, love to listen to audio books on CD….going to coffe shops has been a fav of mine, but the one aI use to go to —well it has stairs–don’t do those anymore. so have had to haunt other places now… : )

     have a new place coming up- have all the paper work done, and am ready to move in…but they need to get “one” more ok from another part of mangement….would like to move in “yesterday”…. its a security apartment building , which makes me feel good- then not just anyone can walk in off the street. been newly painted- lots of white walls, have a small badroom- a kitchen w/ regular stove,refridgerator,dish-waher- and just found out will have a garbage diposal also ! gosh feel rel spoiled right now- if I could get moved in…..

On my stitching- finally made some progress on the snowman ornament-the left eye was giving me trouble, a RR theme-Noahs Ark, and for my own personal- a stain glass window w/ roses.

so have plenty to keep me busy…… will close for now- have to go get ready for Dr. appointment. every one have a good week.

oh yes- we have the “Pendleton Round-up” this next week- our population doubles.things get crazy, and we already have people showing up….don’t start till wensday of next week, time just went by to fast…..

later- Rhonda P.