1). my new name- NUK-NOO-LA-NUM-MY  : means- Caregiver,looking after others-need that name to go to the other side-or your lost! no-one will know who you are.

2).The close knit family- you help one another, and if some one is hungry- even if its your worse enemy…you feed them, let them rest, then you can send them on their way-JUST take care of them..

3). THE CRAFTS- i have learned so much the last 30 years- beading weaving-making  baby boards- making moccisins-cooking,oh gosh the amounts … the culture-of roots …..taking care of the food.

4). FAMILY—make sure to introduce yourself-if some where new, yu never know who might be out there and know your family or be part of it.

5). Elders –are always right, you may not like it, but listen to them, and their stories—you will care it on forever in your heart, listen to the stories they have to tell, so you can pass it on to your kids.

Have Repect for all- even your ememy…..listen when they talk .-it may be the last time you are together- its good to reflect on the good things in life.

I have been divorced from my husband for over 20 years, people ask- why do you get along—I tell them we have a common bond-“OUR KIDS” and even tho we are not together-they need both parents…..its hard sometime, but worth it in the long run ,when your kids grow up and know if they have a problem-they can go to either parent.