Yes today starts the first day of the Pendleton Round-Up- 101st year,

they have already had a couple of parades, and the last two nights were PBR …

     Our town Population always doubles if not triples for this crazy week- the traffic is terrible- I know alot of people that get their shopping done and just stay home,

      Am going down to the round-up park today- for they will be having a weaving class…I missed yesterday, and so want to go to it- even tho I already know how to weave…its something that I enjoy, and will be meeting new people.

     last post—was going to the Dr’s…. well he decided he didn’t want me as a patient anymore, so now have to look for a new Dr.

     Things are moving slow in the SSDisability- now I have to go see one of their Dr.’s for a evalution—-thats OK…knew that was coming up..

started my appeal on my un-employment- that is such a pain…knew it was going to be trouble. but everyone keep telling me—“but you have worked all these years and have earned it”! now I have a headache because of it…..

not much done in the stitching section this week, I am puttting the final backstitching on my snowman ornament-thats taken forever, and have finished my Needlebook 4-exchange,just need to sew up.

still have to go shopping for floss for my RR-Noah’s Ark-then can work on that-

Guess my health is OK—have my re-fills – the weather has been high 90’s to 102 !!! drinkin lots of water.

well gots to close now, need to get dressed and ready for the bus here shortly.

gonna go join the frenzy down town for a short while- every one be safe…..

Rhonda P.