yes thats right – I finally got moved to my new place, and am loving it!!!!

Been here for a couple of weeks now- things have been coming together real fast- getting furniture– wow- a real nice twin size bed—-WITH – drawers underneath! so I don’t have to worry about a dresser now.

co-workers and friends have come together to help me- got a couch from one lady and some extra food— end tables and coffee table from another lady from work (ex),Β  and a real comfortable recliner from one other friend….each time- some-one brings something by—just makes me want to cry…..they have been pulling for me to get this place so now we just have to have a house warming party——with lots of great food and friendship…..

so nice to be able to cook my food the way I want to- with season all or salt and pepper… can have white bread- Miracle whip salad dressing- and eat as much of the cheese as I want…..Β  : )

Its a very secure apartment building- with alot of nice people in here- It has a wheel chair ramp in the back- which is real handy for me. and it’s located just a few blocks from main street – and all my other haunts.

block away from the post office- block away from Independant living—-and 2 blocks away from my favorite coffee house- went there yesterday, and they were real happy to see me-

The weather has been just great for me this week— about 4 days of sunshine and warmth…but it’s the end of October- so chilly winds are right around the corner- will have to find some crafts to do inside and keep me busy from the cold.

well thats about it for now- just been busy putting my new place together- crocheting some bags for out craft bazarre and learning how to cook for “one” !!! LOL